【Basic Skincare】Face Mask Essence


Face Mask Essence/フェイスマスクエッセンス


Essence of the mask type which blended the natural moisturizing formula collagen, a hyaluronic acid, a licorice extract, a carrot extract and a scutellaria baicalensis root extract. A moist bare skin with feeling of the transparency gives skin moistening and is revived.

The amount of contents:10ml X 5 sheets

Approximate period of service: About 1 month

The suggested Retail Price:$71(w/o sales tax)

Mfg. by:Seibi Co.,Ltd. Osaka, Japan
Manufacturing country:Made in Japan
Dist. by:Dr. Mainz Japan Natural Energy Wave

Face Mask Essence/フェイスマスクエッセンス
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$71.00 $71.00