【Basic Skincare】UV Sun Brock Skin Lotion Mist


UV Sun Brock Skin Lotion Mist/UVサンブロックスキンローションミスト


UV Sun Block Skin Lotion is an advanced mixture of ultraviolet ray-blocking ingredients developed with the latest technology. It contains minute particles (10nm) of titanium oxide, treated with a special coating, and protects precious skin from ultraviolet rays with a highly transparent UV-blocking filter. Unlike ordinary sunscreens, it is not applied over makeup. As a result, it is not ready affected by perspiration or skin oils, and its UV-blocking effects last a long time. UV Sun Block Skin Lotion can be used for basic skincare, so people with sensitive skin or delicate skin can use it with peace of mind.

The amount of contents:40ml

Approximate period of service: About 1 month

The suggested Retail Price:$61(w/o sales tax)

Mfg. by:Seibi Co.,Ltd. Osaka, Japan
Manufacturing country:Made in Japan
Dist. by:Dr. Mainz Japan Natural Energy Wave


UV Sun Brock Skin Lotion Mist/UVサンブロックスキンローションミスト
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