【Cosmetics】Foundation W


Foundation W/ファンデーションW


Processed using at high temperatures, this is a new type of foundation containing silk micro-particles. It is highly permeableto air, feels natural, has excellent covering ability, and doesn`t irritate skin. Suitable for both oily skin and dry skin.
Note: If you initially order this product with case, you can later order refill, which is economical ($54). We also sell sponges separately ($2 each).

The amount of contents:12.5g

Approximate period of service: About 2 months

The suggested Retail Price:$64(w/o sales tax)

●The color variation
Ocher, Natural Pink

Mfg. by:Seibi Co.,Ltd. Osaka, Japan

Manufacturing country:Made in Japan

Dist. by:Dr. Mainz Japan Natural Energy Wave


Foundation W/ファンデーションW
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