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Aqua Foundation/アクアファンデーション


Your Skin color is not always the same. Aqua Foundation was created by specially processing silk, so its color can be adjusted to the color of your skin. You can enjoy a finish that`s ideally suited to you. To create shadow for your skin, put some Uni-Foundation in the palm of your hand, mix in Aqua Foundation, and apply.

The amount of contents:40ml

Assumption period of service:About 4 months

The suggested Retail Price:$54(w/o sales tax)

●The color variation
Ocher Green Pink

Mfg. by:Seibi Co.,Ltd. Osaka, Japan

Manufacturing country:Made in Japan

Dist. by:Dr. Mainz Japan Natural Energy Wave

Aqua Foundation/アクアファンデーション
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$54.00 $54.00