【Hair care cosmetics】Houhatsu SP Hair Tonic


Houhatsu SP Hair Tonic/豊髪SPヘアトニック


Conbines health ingredients-rich amino acid extract, Japanese green gentian extract, Swertia extract, Hydrolyzed Soy Protein, Soybeans Seed extract with plant extracts. These natural ingredients stimulate pores, increase capillary blood flow, promot hair growth, and provide other physiological benefits.

The amount of contents:120ml

Approximate period of service: About 2 months

The suggested Retail Price:$96(w/o sales tax)

Mfg. by:Seibi Co.,Ltd. Osaka, Japan
Manufacturing country:Made in Japan
Dist. by:Dr. Mainz Japan Natural Energy Wave


Houhatsu SP Hair Tonic/豊髪SPヘアトニック
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